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The following audio tracks are a personal project of mine to help support the development of an upcoming MMORPG called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. I wanted hone my vocal acting ability by creating a character that captured the essence of what I wanted to hear when reading the lore (what the little voice in my head sounds like), and I wanted to support the game.

Thanks for listening!

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The Skar

If there was an opposite to any good thing in every race, the Skar would stand alone in the extreme. Suicidally vicious, tribal and short-sighted, the Skar fear only their "Nine God" and are there fervent only in their hatred. A ravenous desire to consume fits with their thin, predatorial size and build, and they attack to overwhelm quickly, lacking exceptional endurance. Their role on the stage of Terminus has the most uncertainty, for their battles rage as much within Skargol as outside of it

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The Halflings

A refreshing blend of madness and mirth, the Halflings of Wild's End have a youthful exuberance that never dims and a resolute spirit that makes them undefeatable. With the effortless stealth of a wolf and the devious charm of a child, there are few circumstances in which a Halfling cannot work for the upper hand, especially in the trees of their home. Therefore, their reduced stature is an advantage, an unassuming and agile extension of their personalities and gifts, whether in danger, discourse or dance.

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The Gnomes

It is a splendid irony that the smallest of the foreign races contains the most mystery. Peerless in understanding and wielding of the arcane, the Gnomes are beings without true physical form due to events on their home world. Meticulous and easily absorbed in the many tasks aboard their floating city ship Skyhold, diligence and service tend to be the highest Gnome virtues, along with sound innovation. Expansion is not a cultural aim, and the Gnomes have no real enemies, but some do long to face the perils and prizes of Terminus at large.

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The Archai

On the spectrum of uniqueness, the Archai come second only to their neighbor Gnomes. But in a sharp contrast, the culture of Su'Roa is as vibrant and strong as the massive crystals and ores of its geology. Devout and sincere, Archai bodies manifest their environment, their ethereal energy bonding with natural elements at a very young age. This permits the Archai to grow a bit larger than a Human or Elf, but not suffer in agility quite like an Ogre. Loving celebration and battle almost equally, the Archai are positioned well to ascend in the Frail Age, should they choose.

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The Elves

With loyalty that is not easily won or lost, Elves carry an immortal sense of how fleeting life is, born of their own brushes with total extinction. But far more than frail survivors, they are unrivaled artists from architecture to agriculture, with arcane and physical prowesses as natural as the wind, rain and storm. Sibling hearts divide the race into two distinct groups: Ashen Elves steward Faerthale from within, eternally vigilant in watch and guard, while their Ember brethren cast an aggressive eye toward the surrounding lands, rooting out evil where it resides.

The Dark Myr

The Dark Myr

Out of their own way, the Dark Myr of Syronai would perhaps become a contemporary of Thronefast -- even its chief rival. But their native beauty, valor and nobility have rusted down to bitter ornaments. A vast disdain for other races lurks beneath their tranquil surface, calling none friend and few honored as foe. Their ferocity in battle is as ancient as their heralded origin, while their tall, slender form and ghostly eyes cast an unmistakable presence. Dark Myr ambitions are a pregnant mystery, their kingdom quietly advancing on land and sea.

The Ogres

The Ogres

With their hulking presence and a culture that values the brutal skills of battle above refinements or leisure, the Ogres of Broken Maw are perilously dismissed as primitive by the uninformed. Yet careful study would reveal a race that relishes the dance of warfare tactics and in whom resides an unmatched respect for valor and courage, whether friend or foe. When calm, Ogres are cautious and considerate before action. Unseat their emotions and their incomparable size wreaks unpredictable ends.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves

For the good of his people, the Dwarven King Khazas sacrificed his immortality to rule among them in the wintry fortress of Khadassa. This selflessness is a crown virtue of the Dwarven race, and to have one as a friend is worth more than several lifetimes of fortune. Believing peace is a product of strength, the Dwarves seek not an empire, but to increase their mastery in smithing, the arcane as well as battle. Their compact form is rarely mistaken for lumbering stiffness, as their reputation in all types of conflict is widely established.

The Humans

The Humans

True power speaks not a word, yet its presence is deafening. The city of Thronefast has been that presence for the Humans for nearly 500 years, and to know their heights of power is to behold the capital, a breathtaking jewel in the light of dawn. The breadth of their influence is glimpsed in the majestic navy, unrivaled on the open waters. Students and masters of nearly every art and discipline, Humans' middle-rung size and strength is perhaps a lone mediocrity, their oft flamboyant pride not withering before kings, ghouls or dragons.