Chris Kane - Voice Actor
Chris Kane - Voice Actor
Experienced, Professional and Authentic Male Voice Actor






This podcast is going to focus on the games, the players, and the community on the Fires of Heaven forum. With the ultimate goal of driving new people to visit the site and becoming part of an awesome community of people.


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"Mortal kind has ascended the heights of power and delved into the pit of depravity. BUT, one mark has always been the harbinger of their fate..."


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Video Game Lore

“Elves are a strange people, it is said. Elven culture is often defined by its three branches: the Lucent, Ashen, and Ember.” This story focuses on the Elf Thaeolyn Greyborne.




My voiceovers for Simple History. 😊 Love this YouTube channel.


Some behind the scenes footage including audio production, mixing & mastering.


A personal project I’m working on to help support a new MMORPG



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Hi I’m Chris!

I’ve been a voice actor for over 15 years and I absolutely have a driving devotion to creating wonderful sounding voiceovers.

When I’m not talking to myself in front of a microphone I’m behind the keyboard mixing and mastering audio. I’m winning the war which is trying to get audio to sound good no matter the device it’s played back with.

When I’m trying to relax, I relish the time I get to spend playing video games. Immersing and diving into fantasy worlds with great stories is as relaxing as diving into a good book.

I’m also an iaido practitioner, science nerd, home improvement guru, comic book buff, keto guy and coffee enthusiast!

Let me forge the perfect voice for your project or campaign!