Chris Kane - Voice Actor
Chris Kane - Voice Actor
Experienced, Professional and Authentic Male Voice Actor

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Latest Promo Spot


Was very pleased with how this latest promo spot turned out for my client. Their footage was incredible, and their writing was a perfect fit for my voice!


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"Mortal kind has ascended the heights of power and delved into the pit of depravity. BUT, one mark has always been the harbinger of their fate..."

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Video Game Lore


It is said there is a moment when the Turn arrives. A flash, when the lies of the night die in the face of the light. Perhaps it comes in a whisper, the glint of sudden steel, or the first trickle of blood.

What he is, let alone who he is, is one of the more lingering mysteries of the modern day. If it could be answered merely by muscle or magic, then Sova would no doubt be just another hired sword that fell upon the lonely path known as the Dark Trades.



My narrations for Simple History. I Love this YouTube channel.

“Explore what it was like to be in the trenches of the First World War, a plundering pirate of the Caribbean or a factory worker in the Industrial Revolution. Simple History introduces you to the history of the world, on your tablet, phone or as a printed book! Illustrated in the popular minimalist style of today, young reader’s imaginations will come to life. Simple history gives you the facts in a simple uncomplicated and eye catching way.
Part of an ongoing series, what will be the next episode?”


Some behind the scenes footage including audio production, mixing & mastering.

When I started creating voiceovers for the very first time, I noticed that I enjoyed the mixing and audio editing a lot more than I initially thought. Some of these episodes are silly and some are serious. But they’re all to reignite my passion for audio editing and sound mixing.

Thanks for taking the time to watch me enjoy myself!

PANTHEON: Rise of the Fallen

A personal project I’m working on to help support a new MMORPG in development. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. I started this endeavor to first learn what techniques I could hone which would add drama to established lore of this game. I soon realized that I was creating a character called “The Keeper”, that was type of historian / record keeper.

This whole series was designed to fan the flames of interest for this game, not only for myself but for fans of spoken lore. Please take some time (with headphones!) and listen to a few episodes.


A Random Wikipedia Article

Digital media use and mental health • This is the first episode of a series I'm calling "A Random Wikipedia Article" (ARWA). This series was inspired by a comment I got from another project.

I'm creating these to further hone my voiceover chops and to have some fun. I've discovered that some wiki articles have serious technical words and phrases that really help me practice enunciation and tone. Each one of these videos might be a way for me to develop new characters or accents to practice.



Hi I’m Chris!

I’ve been a voice actor for over 15 years and I absolutely have a driving devotion to creating wonderful sounding voiceovers.

When I’m not talking to myself in front of a microphone I’m behind the keyboard mixing and mastering audio. I’m winning the war which is trying to get audio to sound good no matter the device it’s played back on.

When I’m trying to relax, I relish the time I get to spend playing video games. Immersing and diving into fantasy worlds. Video game stories are as relaxing as diving into a good book.

I’m also an iaido practitioner, science nerd, home improvement guru, comic book buff, keto guy and coffee enthusiast!

Let me forge the perfect voice for your project or campaign!