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Chris Kane - Professional Male Voice Actor

Smooth and casual, deep and powerful or raw and gritty. I will work with you and deliver the voice that's perfect for your project.

Specializing in narratives that convey an authentic and genuine gravitas.

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Demo Reels



"A uniquely powerful timbre and tone, which added impact and authority to my project."


"Chris was a pleasure to work with, he delivered the files on time and on budget!"


"They were all screaming; 'holy gods, who did that VO for you?'"
"This is amongst the best VO work I've ever heard, great job man!"


You sound like David Hayter and Matthew Mercer's love child, it's AWESOME!"


"I want a bed made of the guys voice over in this video"

Simple History... 

...has become a popular show on Youtube, looking at events, culture, technology, icons and countries for each video.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to narrate some amazing content. Check out some of these awesome videos!

Click here to see all of the projects I've voiced.